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Going Insane!! - 92%

The_Black_Priest, August 18th, 2013

Insane Prophecy is the brainchild of twin brothers Xulif Nawaz & Ifty Sarwar from the Indian Metal circuit trying to set a mark with their intense blend of Black/Death music. Having been formed in the year 2008, "An Apogee of an Inquisition" is the bands very first compiled offering - an EP consisting of 3 tracks & an Outro.

This EP will surely blow your mind away if you weren't expecting too much given the fact that India has previously failed to produce quality Black Metal bands. Insane Prophecy are here to stay with their blend of intense Black/Death music. Influence of Behemoth/Immortal is clearly noticeable. The Ominous riffs, shrieks, loud bass and hard hitting drumming will surely put one's mind into a spin. This band has perfectly compiled a Black Metal EP with a touch of modernity. The mid-paced riffs and the drumming are the focal point of this bands hard-hitting hammer-blows to the ears. The song structure of each track is rather professionally arranged which is a plus considering this is the bands first compiled release. The production is also top notch. Only thing lacking would be the vocals which I feel was too generic.

The highlight of the EP would be the outro "Obsequies" which is surprisingly an Opeth influenced slow & mellow acoustic ending to the EP. Composed entirely by drummer Ifty Sarwar this outro is very soothing and pleasing to the ear and I feel a perfect ending for the EP.

The debut offering of Insane Prophecy was immensely promising and after listening to this EP one would surely monitor the band closely for future releases.

Apogee Of An Inquisition - 82%

todesengel89, January 30th, 2012

The recent growth in the Indian extreme metal underground is evident, with bands like Devoid and Blood Meridian quickly gaining recognition and exposure with their recent releases. Despite that, Insane Prophecy is the first real black/death metal band that I encounter from the country, and this year sees the band releasing its debut EP, Apogee of an Inquisition.

Sticking to a 3-member format, the band manages to execute their music flawlessly. Opening track Blasphemy ov a Diabolic displays some of their earlier, symphonic/melodic black metal influences in the opening riffs, though this soon transforms into aggressive blackened death metal riffs with little warning, and the fury of the band is instantly felt. Instead of utilising only one vocalist, the band has chosen instead to have both bassist Xulfi and drummer Ifty handle vocals together, and this certainly helps in bringing about a fuller vocal effect, with the layering of a tortured shriek above a low and harsh growl. On top of the powerful riffs that are unleashed by guitarist Bikash as well are the rumbling bass of Xulfi that provides the low end, topped by the excellent work behind the drum kit by Ifty.

Despite the black metal foundations of Insane Prophecy, the death metal elements shine through, such as the brutal riffs that are present on The Canticle, and the way the heavily palm-muted riffs are executed are reminiscent of other black/death metal bands such as Polish giants Behemoth, especially on the slower segments towards the end of the track. Besides these crushing moments, the individual band members also get to display their talents, with guitarist Bikash often unleashing complex riffs and lead guitar lines, and Ifty's drumming battering listener's eardrums relentlessly, never missing a single beat even on the intense moments on At the Apogee of an Inquisition. The album ends, with the band throwing a surprise to the listener with the clean/acoustic instrumental ballad Obsequies, reminding listeners of songs like Opeth's Ending Credits with its structure and playing style, further displaying the versatility of the band.

With releases as mind-blowing as Insane Prophecy's Apogee of an Inquisition, it leaves one wondering what more surprises that the Indian metal scene has in store for fans in the coming year.