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dear god.. out of the closet time... - 82%

ironasinmaiden, January 8th, 2003

I really didn't want to like this CD. Fuck. I STILL don't want to like it, but it's so damn loveable. Sort of like when your dog tears up your carpet and shits all over the place. You grit your teeth and reach for the nearest heavy object, but those puppy dog eyes... you can't help but love that little furball. The furball in question, In Flames, were never my favorite band and probably never will be, but Gothenburg's finest sellouts have a damn good album on their hands with Reroute to Remain

There goes my metal credibility lol. Shoot me now.

Yes, In Flames are reaching their tendrils towards the American mainstream. If not because RTR has a rather accessible sound, but because they even fucking admit it. Not to mention their proposed tour with Slipknot and penchant for sporting dreadlocks and jumpsuits. They want it oh so badly and I guess I can't blame em. Money is king. In spite of this, RtR is hardly nu metal. Clayman without as many harmonies is how i'd describe it.

I didn't like Clayman too much, asides from a few songs, but Reroute strikes a chord in that there are some really fucking catchy riffs, and an overall quicker pace. More Pinball Map than Bullet Ride I suppose. Downtuned riffage are prevalent but not of the nu metal variety. Not of the Meshuggah breed either, so I'll say somewhere in between. Chorus lines are dripping with The Cure and other 80s new wave shit In Flames listen to... come on man listen to Egonomic and tell me it isn't a great hook. Trigger (my favorite track) was stuck in my head for a while, as was Minus.

If you're gonna cop out, do it right. RtR is In Flame's black album ( although the notion of In Flames being the next Metallica is ridiculous... HA).. Watered down but cool nonetheless. Metaphor is the track that may give them their first hit.... it's laid back and sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS of all fucking bands. Anders' clean voice is nothing special but nothing overtly horrible like Speed Strids. The growls are still here, thank jesus.

We all knew this was gonna happen the first time we heard Colony...they've been compromising for years and I fear to hear what will come next. I also fear for my heterosexuality. Shame is my only word.... shame on me for liking this.