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Team extreme doesn't quite say it - 79%

joncheetham88, June 11th, 2010

"I've had no need to influence humanity for many millennia my dear. I simply introduced sin. Man is the one who has spread it like a disease."

Black/ death metal bands delight in having some of the most depraved and evil music and lyrics of any other genre. Meanwhile the austere self-importance of the true black metal band goes some way toward showing the superiority that comes from being in league with Satan, or in the modern context, being an executive in Foxxconn. Neither Impiety or Surrender of Divinity work for the evil one, however they are both most definitely out of their minds and very evil-sounding.

The title of this split is right on the money - both of these bands sound assured, and yes, arrogant in their respective forms of devil worship. Putting Impiety on with a more traditional black metal band is an interesting experiment and works well for showing various sides of the diabolical coin.


Impiety, or rather Shyaithan, was employing Mexican band members at this time. I hadn't realized until recently that this guy basically travels the world outsourcing the band positions in Impiety. As dodgy as this sounds, I can't help but love what the band does. The drums are frantic, thrashing madly like sharks at a cage filled with bleeding humans. The blast beats are of the kind that pummel determinedly through into hysterical double bass sections. The guitars wail nasally before crumbling back into thumping riffs and Shyaithan's gruff rasps are omnipresent.

'Imperative Coronation' is a bang-on indication of the band's metamorphosis from their more regular black metal into the black/death/thrash lunatics they are today. 'Invincible Force' is the real keeper however and the best slice of cake to be found on this whole split. It's hard to type while listening to it. It's like really old school Belphegor. The blackened thrash riffs are nothing short of insane and burst into fiery grooves later on. Shyaithan's vocals are extreme even for him, and overall its an all-time Impiety highlight.

Surrender of Divinity:

Now after the moonstruck antics of Impiety, Surrender of Divinity unfortunately sound a bit pedestrian. On the contrary - given a few minutes into 'The Triumph of Thy Majesty' these Thai warriors prove to be shaking shit up to put shame to many any black metal lover unaware of them. This is probably the first Thai band I truly dig, and this split is enough to have me looking out for their stuff.

The production is thinner and harsher than the meaty sound of Impiety, but it has a lot of clout and the drums sound great, as do the unearthly Watain-like crows of the guitar chords. The ponderous slower riffs toward the end erupt into yet more blasts and Avaejee's "ugh-ugh-ugh-uuuurrgggh!" ad libs start getting infectious. Their short and largely inconsequential cover of Bathory's 'Hades' makes way for 'The Darkness Against Light', which maintains deadly tremolo riffs and sputtering blast beats. The sound quality here seems to take a blow but the atmosphere is engaging and I find myself drawn into the hot jungle hell this evokes.

The split:

Blasphemous, raw black metal from Thailand and Singaporean extreme metal mentalists, quite a pairing. Worth getting your hands on if you want to check out some of the more established talent in Southeast Asia, although if you can find Oriental Hell Rhythmics and something like Kaos Kommand 696 or Skullfucking Armageddon you might as well plump for those first.