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Scream Supreme - 100%

gunnarvl, April 15th, 2006

While all of Chris Impellitteri's work is of high quality, it is with this 1996 release that the band hit its zenith.

This piece of metal mayhem is complete. The production is outstanding. The musicianship is stellar. The lyrics, while Christian in nature and scope, are interesting and well written and still offer much to a secular audience. The singing, courtesy of the great Rob Rock is over the top, as Rock hits fantastic high notes throughout the album. I am surprised he never was up for the Priest gig after Rob Halford left the band, as he would have been terrific.

But what makes a great album is really the songs, and there is no lack of terrific songs here. "Screaming Symphony" does not contain a single duff track. Everything on offer is high quality, up tempo and catchy as hell.

Every song except for the instrumental "17th Century Chicken Pickin'" is structured the same way: Verse, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Solo, Chorus. This is OK. It works. The longest song on the album clocks in at only 4:21. No song on "Screaming Symphony" exists long enough to get tired of. Virtually any of the songs would have made for great radio listening, especially "I'll Be With You", "Walk Away", "Kingdom Of Light", and "Rat Race".

I must compliment Mr. Impellitteri for the restraint he shows in his soloing. It actually enamours his playing. Impellitteri plays for the song. Each solo is sheer shred, but structured to simply fit the song and not go off unnecessarily. The solo's are short, fast and to the point. His fluid playing and crisp clear guitar sound make listening to him a pleasure.

If you purchase one Impellitteri album, "Screaming Symphony" is a must buy.