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Darn solid release from an excellent band - 85%

Metalwontdie, June 29th, 2009

Impellitteri’s Screaming Symphony is a very solid shred/speed metal album with a tinge of neoclassical metal. If you are not familiar with Impellitteri it was founded by Chris Impellitteri one of the worlds fastest and most gifted shred virtuosos, he has a similar style to Yngwie J.Malmsteen’s neo-classical shred technique. The band members are all Christian, but don’t bash secular fans with their beliefs. The sound of this album is mainly mid-tempo/fast-tempo speed metal riffs with excellent solos at each songs climax.

Chris Impellitteri does seam to have writers block on some of these songs, because many of the songs have very similar intro riffs played at different tones. Another problem is that each song is solid but variety is at a minimum, it wouldn’t have been a problem if each song was excellent. The instrumental 17th Century Chicken Pickin’ is the only song that strays from this albums formula, because it’s short completely lead guitar based, and shreds the entire time. If Chris could have worked on the leads and riffs a bit more, this album would have be a classic speed metal album.

The band’s performance is solid and at the top of their game on this album. Rob Rock is the vocalist for Screaming Symphony and peppers each song with classic metal styled vocals and plenty of high falsetto note shrieks, he is a gifted vocalist. The drumming just provides rhythm and fills, not rising above average. Chris’s guitar work while good is mainly solo based and could have used much more focus on the leads than the riffs. The bassist like mentioned above has tuned his bass much lower than usual for speed metal, giving it a bass heavy effect. The keyboard work is great, it adds atmosphere to the album, and really shines on 17th Century Chicken Pickin’.

Screaming Symphony is overall a great way to introduce newcomers to Impellitteri because of its high quality content. Best songs are Father Forgive Them, I’ll Be With You, 17th Century Chicken Pickin’, and Rat Race. I recommend this album to people who enjoy shred/speed metal and even some neo-classical metal.

-5 points similar intro riffs on songs
-4 points song variety is at a minimum
-6 points guitar leads and main riffs could be much better