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Goatvomit Nuclear Metal! - 87%

Deathcult, June 5th, 2003

I think this is one of Impaled Nazarene's best albums, probably even the best one. (Note that I still haven't heard Suomi Finland Perkele) I like their first two albums, but in Rapture the Finnish goat rapists finally figured out how to play their instruments AND found the style that suits them best. The result can't be described as Black Metal anymore (not that they ever were really black metal), no, not at all. There are obvious BM influences, a lot of Thrash metal (Sodom, anyone?) and of course - Goats! 'Nuclear Metal' really says it all. Rapture is not an ultra-fast blastfest like Ugra-karma, instead the music is a lot more riff-oriented and you can actually bang your head to the rhytm.

The riffs on here are memorable and fun (hmm, Sodom again?), the vocals are the fucking screaming goat-sodomizing hell we all know well and love. There are tons of killer riffs in nearly every song, especially 'Angels Rectums Do Bleed', which is a blackened speed/thrash hymn. The album starts real violent with 'Penis Et Circes' - one of the few songs with blastbeats on the album. 'Healers of the Red Plague' is a fast to midpaced thrashy song, one of the coolest in the album. Check out the anti-Commie lyrics - "Back in the days of Vietnam, the cure was called napalm!". 'We're Satan's Generation' is another hymn-type song, some great riffs and great silly I-don't-give-a-fuck lyrics here. There are also lots of midpaced tracks, like '6th Degree Mindfuck' (totally sick lyrics) or 'Iron Fist With An Iron Will', which may seem a bit boring on the first listen, but after spinning the CD a couple of times I found myself enjoying them greatly.

That's enough for now, I really should be working. Rapture is the only tr00 Nuclear Metal album and the perfect choice to play on your home stereo if you're planning to spend the evening sodomizing a goat. If you don't buy it you're not a true Nuclear Metal fan! And I bet you don't like goats, too!