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Fallout Theory in Practice - 89%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, November 10th, 2008

This “Rapture” is probably the album that confirmed the cult status of Impaled Nazarene. The albums before were probably considered smaller underground pieces but, as the time passed by, finally the crazy Finnish masters of punkish black metal were able to received the right attention from the musical panorama. It’s useless to say what you can receive from an album by Impaled Nazarene…here it’s all about the speed, violence and riffs.

As you know, the perfect combination of the punk influences with the black metal is the main characteristic of this band and this album follows the same style. “Penis et Circes” is probably the manifesto of this album with the refrain ‘Hail Satan, master, weeping Christians burn at stake’ that has become history, considering how much a band on this genre could mock the serious black metal scene. “6th Degree Mindfuck” and “Iron Fist With an Iron Will” show all their impact on the punk up tempo with open chords riffs and always a hint of melody. The vocals by Mika are always extreme and schizophrenic. A trademark.

“Angel Rectums Do Bleed” is just punk with black metal vocals and it’s definitely faster while “We're Satan's Generation” shows some of the influences from thrash metal we could have found on the most recent efforts. The bass drum triplets and the riffs are just great and this song displays also a good songwriting united to the always brutal approach. The Ugra-Karma period seems closer thanks to “Goatvomit and Gasmasks” and the following “Fallout Theory in Practice”. Apart from being two awesome titles, they also show massive riffs and relentless semi blast beats (faster up tempo).

After the screamed chorus of “Healers of the Red Plague”, it’s time for “The Pillory” to increase even more the speed. Actually, there isn’t a lot to say about these songs because they are more or less on the same style. The riffs are always dirty, crazy and rotten while the drumming is raw as fuck and “in one way”. “The Return of Nuclear Gods” is another track that has made history in this genre for its furious progression and the “catchy” refrain. With “Vitutation” the punk tempo returns and everything seems rawer in this sense. The only track that differs a bit is “Phallus Maleficarum” with its slower march and its more audible melodies to end the album.

Reaching the end of this album is risky for your mental sanity and your ears too. The impact and the sheer brutality of Ugra-Karma will never be beaten but this album, is some parts, reminds us those days. By the way, this Rapture contains some of the most famous tracks ever composed by this band, surely it’s a very good effort and it’s recommended to any Impaled Nazarene fan who still doesn’t own it.