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Instant Trade - 10%

demonomania, March 1st, 2007

I picked this up with Entombed's "Wolverine Blues," both for under ten dollars. "Wolverine Blues" rolls this album up, smokes it, eats the roach, shits out the digested roach, and then makes the next copy of "Hypocrisy" each those shitty roach bits. While I gladly would have paid double for Entombed's excellent entry into the death n roll genre, they should have paid me to take this lackluster excuse for a Hypocrisy album off their shelves.

Hypocrisy is one of my favorite Swedeath bands, as they manage to blend the new ear for melody with the traditional stomping, fuzzy, brutal sound of Stockholm. Another reason I like them is that you're always able to tell that it's Evil Pete behind the whole thing - every album has his own peculiar muse stamped all over it. In this case, Pete's muse must have gotten lost. Or maybe wandered down a back alley, injected full of heroin, and gang-banged by Ben Folds Five.

Gone is the evil sound that filled the "Obsculum Obscenum" days, missing is the raw and spontaneous nature of "Into the Abyss," and not-yet-formulated is the perfect balance of "Virus." Hell, even that "Abduction" album is better than this, at least there were a couple cool songs on there amidst the nu-leanings.

What you get on "Hypocrisy" is a bunch of watered down melodeath riffs that fail to catch the listener's ear, a weak (at best) vocal performance from Pete that is completely bogged down in ATROCIOUS clean sections, drumming that may have been sampled from any other low-effort Gothenburger. What does it equal? An album to trade, instantly. Which I did - thanks to the trading section at the Metal Archives forum. I hope the cool dude I traded with in Poland enjoys this more than I did.

So in summary, avoid. If you want to collect everything Hypocrisy has put out, think twice about the middle section of their discography. I certainly won't be pursuing it any further. A few of these songs sounded cool on the concert DVD accompanying "Virus" - maybe all the spirit was sucked out of them by the production, recording process, bandmember mindset, who knows? This I do know - Hypocrisy is capable of much better.