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Hypocrisy's atmospheric masterpiece. - 98%

OBLIVIONxSPAWN, June 7th, 2011

Hypocrisy is a band that has created some of my favorite music of all time. Everything from their old school death metal to their atmospheric death/melodic death metal is outstanding. Of their whole discography, this album has always stood out to me and been a favorite.

The songs here are catchy, epic, atmospheric, melancholic and a couple are fast, almost thrashy. The use of clean vocals is a big plus in my book. They contribute tons to the atmosphere and feeling of each song and are always used perfectly. I never found them to be out of place once. Peter's scream tends to be a lot higher here on this album than on most of their albums and it does not overpower the music one bit. Everything is mixed perfectly to contribute and not detract from each other.

The album is varied and holds many surprises for those with an open mind and those who enjoy Hypocrisy. The final song, "Paled Empty Sphere" seems to take a Pink Floyd route and create an atmospheric rock masterpiece to end the album and put the icing on the cake. This is very similar to the final song in the album "Abducted" as well.

The only reason this album does not receive a perfect score is because of one song that has always felt out of place to me. That song is "Time Warp". I can't think of any other Hypocrisy song like it, so in that aspect it seems like it would fit perfectly on an album like this. The problem is that it is so different from the other material on the album that it takes you out of the atmosphere and immersion the album has created and provides a sort of speed bump that the album could have done without.

This is an album that every fan should experience, and for many, an album that is a highlight in Hypocrisy's discography.