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The best release from one of metal's greats - 100%

Cretaceous_Bob, May 15th, 2007

No album I've bought has had the staying power that Hypocrisy's self-titled release has. This is the defining achievement of a band that has put out quality work for more than 15 years. Classics abound on this atmospheric melodic death metal masterpiece; I've listened to "Fractured Millenium," "Until the End," and "Reversed Reflections" more than anything else. Really, its a culmination of TÃĪgtgren's creative output. The death metal moments, the thrashier moments, and the mid-paced melodic moments are all part of Hypocrisy's trademark sound, but nowhere else are all of these done as well as on this album.

The guitarwork on this album is a real treat, as well as the vocals. Hypocrisy has never surpassed the quality of the songwriting this album contains, nor the intensity of the music, and it shows. Friends of mine that normally ignored Hypocrisy declared that the self-titled is "fucking awesome" after being introduced to it.

If you claim to like any death metal at all, this band will definitely appeal to you, and if you enjoy any melodic death metal at all, this album will fucking blow you away.

One of the best albums I've ever purchased. I'd buy it again one hundred times over.