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Defining melodic death metal! - 98%

Cravinov13, April 6th, 2007

Hypocrisy have never failed to impress with each and every album release they have made so far. With the release of their self-titled comeback album, the band reached new heights in perfecting the melodic death metal genre. After the release of their fifth full length album The Final Chapter, Hypocrisy went on what was expected to be a permanent hiatus, but after the major success of the classic death metal trending black metal release, Hypocrisy came back with their sixth full length classic album release. heir s/t is full of dark symphonic melody, blistering guitar riffs, wicked guitar solos, harmonic and scathing vocals, and atmospheres straight out of a sci-fi horror movie.

If you were to ask me what the greatest intro track was, I would say without blinking the first track on this album, Fractured Millennium. The song begins with a symphonic keyboard riffs that creates a powerful apocalyptic atmosphere. The song the ascends into a smooth drum and bass line that burst into a blistering scream, blast beats, and doom-esque guitar riffs. The song then slows down into a grooving guitar melody followed by Peter Tägtgren's scathing black metal sounding vocals. The song has a powerful atmosphere throughout and a very dynamic chorus with amazing musicianship and precision. Arguably the best Hypocrisy song ever made so far. The opening drum roll and ripping guitar solo of Apocalyptic Hybrid shows the thrash side of Hypocrisy as Peter Tägtgren belches out some deep death metal growls. The song is extremely fast paced and is easily defined as controlled chaos on the most brutal level. Although the song doesn’t contain as many presentful dynamics as the first track, it stands as a solid example of pure, scorching brutality.

Fusion Programmed Minds is a more typical Hypocrisy track, with constant catchy guitar riffs, steady blast beats and heavy bass lines. Peter Tägtgren delivers more of his screeching vocals throughout the track as the music rolls on in a constant aura of chugging riffs and thundering atmospheres. Elastic Inverted Visions is another rare example of melodic death metal at it’s prime. The song starts with mellow guitar strums followed by a catchy, ascending, doom-esque guitar riffage. The overlapping of the vocals is tested on the track, making a very electronic sounding atmosphere surrounding the slow yet heavy riffs. The song has amazing atmospheric melody and is extremely catchy as it flows in and out of it’s heavy and melodic elements.

The next track, Reversed Reflections, starts with some mid paced guitar riffs followed by some very smooth clean vocals. The song is one of the less heavy songs on the album and has real good song flow and atmosphere. Overall it is one of the more simple tracks that standout as good rest from the death metal brutality. Another on of Hypocrisy’s greatest pieces, Until The End, another doomy slow song that is fueled with heavy riffs and melodic guitar strums. The vocals on the song are some of Peter Tägtgren's best, showing a strong emotional tact to them. The song has great atmosphere and amazing musical aspects that make it one of the highlights of the album. Going back to a more typical melodic death metal style, Paranormal Mysteria kicks off with some heavy, slow riffs that pick up into a very upbeat, atmospheric tune followed by some screeching vocals as the song hits it’s crushing bridge. The song has some great riffs and grooves, but does not compare so much with some of the other tracks. Still easily a great song on this great album.

Every Hypocrisy album has at least one oddball track, and Time Warp being the one on this album. The song is very fast and very thrashy for the most part with yelling vocals that almost sound like nu-metal vocals mixed with Slayer. The song then steadies it’s pace as Peter Tägtgren continues to yell endlessly. The song is by far the worst on the album, but by no means a bad song (just more or less deeply out of place). The song will appeal to thrash fans the most from this CD. The deep and melodic atmosphere of the opening riffs to Disconnected Magnetic Corridors tell you you’re heading into another powerful, melodic track. The song is very straightforward and mellow toned, but catchy, along with more amazing vocals and bass work. The song is best described as one of those melodic death metal tracks that never seem to end but when it does you wish was longer.

As if the previous track wasn’t melodic enough, Paled Empty Sphere takes the cake as Hypocrisy’s ballad track. The song is the only one on the album that does not show much of a death metal influence (meaning the song could fit on an album by Hypocrisy that is the equivalent of Opeth’s Damnation). Every thing about the song is perfectly executed in a progressive atmosphere of melodic guitar strums, catchy bass tunes, slow drumming, dynamic choruses, and beautiful singing. A perfect closer track for a perfect album.