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Who's there? ...Who is it?? - 85%

SLlMER, June 24th, 2009

Now this is some nasty new death/doom with an old school feel. Remember those old Swedish bands like Grave and Dismember? If you took those bands and slowed them down considerably (and I mean, a fucking lot) covered them in molases and then rolled them around in burnt hair and poo, and all kinds of other nasty shit and threw in some expertly placed horror samples it might kind of sound like Hooded Menace.

This record sounds huge and horrific, like a savage beast thats been neglected for over a decade. Hungry, lonely, lurking in the most abyssmal night time trenches and ready to rip people apart at the seams. From descriptions of the band before hearing it I imagined there might be either some stoner, sludge, or funeral elements going on with Hooded Menace's music, but none of those are present. This is a true to form doom/death act. In that regard, this is comparable in certain ways to acts like Coffins, and Evoken and the like. Something about it is very appealing, right from the get go (while it may prove to be a bit repeatative for some), but don't purchase this record hoping for diversity or a large amount of dyanamics, prepare to get pummelled ruthlessly- the Doomy way.

"Fulfill The Curse" is centered less on the dark side of things than it is purely on the monolithically heavy side of doom/death. Don't get me wrong, it's dark and sadistic and all that but that is not the be-all end-all of the bands intent. It's massively heavy first and foremost. And you gotta love some of these samples. The sample of the heavily breathing, lurking beast proceded with the "Who's there? Who is it??" at the beginning of the song "Grasp Of The Beastwoman" followed by the reverberated and awesome drum fill that goes straight into that first riff. That is fucked. In a good way! The beginning of that song has taken me by surprise a few times and every time the song kicks in all I can do is laugh because it so skull-implodingly heavy.

The combination of their huge drums sound coupled with the dirty, crunching bass guitar creates a true bulldozer of doom. Add to that catchy guitars playing memorable riffs with sick melodies and you soon realize you're dealing with a monster of an album. Get this!