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frosty German Black Metal with folk influence - 91%

robert_sun, November 8th, 2006

After a nice debut (Grátr, 2003) – which despite its high-standard songs and good sound is strangely considered as a demo – and a split with Nachtmahr (another interesting German band), here’s the new song-collection from Helrunar. The title of the album is very relevant, because these 52 minutes represents very good the mood of distressing frosty nights.

Very good-composed songs, where the rough riffs and cold harmonies are the main elements. They managed to leave behind the previous record’s sometimes Bathory influenced Viking atmospheres, all is now more original and better designed. The duel between the massive riffs and the melodic lines, respectively between the fast and slow parts is more balanced. They also introduced many moody acoustic interludes. Technical guitarplaying, reminding me of older Mayhem and Dissection, and melodic/folky guitarlines reminiscent of Primordial and Falkenbach, but transmitting a colder atmosphere and being closer to traditional Black Metal. Aggressive chilling Black Metal riffs are combined with the star-gazing and gloomy acoustic moments, accompanied by morose BM vocals and a few clean vocals and a spoken voice. The acoustic moments can easily remind you of late Empyrium, the same folk-influenced archaic feeling, embedded in a dark, chilly aura.

I highly recommend this album for everybody in search of well-composed and mystic Black Metal with folk influences. Go out this night in the forest, where the wolves will dance in the moonlight, step into their circle and convince them to listen to Frostnacht, then write us a letter to tell us about the reactions. Don’t laugh, go and buy the album!