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The Black Book - 99%

dallas, February 14th, 2003

Both Hellion and their album "The Black Book" are among the most under-rated in the music business. I have never understood why this band was not much bigger. They are definately on the level of Iron Maiden or Priest---with a girl singer that I understand was coached by Ronnie James Dio! (That's waht a friend of mine said, and he is an "expert" on Ronnie James Dio.)

This album is a concept album and I'd compare it in some ways to Operation Mindcrime---if Priest had written it. A fool length novel was also written by the singer and it has the same name.

I really can not think of a flaw on this CD---other than Restless Records' shitful artwork---and the total lack of promotion of this band. (I recently picked up a version of this CD on Music For Nations---and the artwork is really excellent on that. Also, the LP is a gatefold ---like a book and that opens and folds out and it is nice as well.)

The guitar work is metal at it's best. The vocals prove to me that Ann Boleyn is ONE OF METAL'S MOST UNIQUE SINGERS---(this includes the males too).

I really can not say enough about this band. However it does make me angry occasionally to hear people tell me---oh Hellion sounds like they were copying bands who came LATER!