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A small, forgotten power\thrash gem! - 80%

CKeen666, February 21st, 2009

Hellhound were a thrash metal band from the U.S., formed already in 1981 along with the thrash metal pioneers Slayer and Metallica. They only released three demos in their short-lived career, and then they split up. This best of - compilation I'm reviewing contains all the songs they've written in their career.

The music varies from early Exodus to Attacker and even Helstar (Think of Nosferatu), as well as some other heroes from the 80s. The music is pretty catchy, the riffs are quite good (especially the technical ones), and you can hear some entertaining drumming too, fast but varied. The vocalist is a bit weak but it is not really a problem, his vocals are still acceptable. As for the bass, it is clearly audible, and it is also pretty good. The production is not the best around but for a demo it is really good, you can clearly hear everything even though sometimes the drumming has a louder volume than anything else.

The highlights? Well almost every track here is on the same level. "Flee the Bomb" has that catchy chorus and the solo is worth-mentioning too. The instrumental but short "The Usurper" has some really great guitars work, while "Killing Spree" is a very nice fast track. It's a shame these guys split up after only three demos, they sure had the potential to become a big name in the thrash metal underground.

In the end, this is well worth your attention.