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Unexpected! - 94%

cyclone, October 11th, 2004

Oh my, one really couldn't expect, that this one will own so much. Recovered consists mostly of re-recorded old Heathen songs or covers, with couple of new songs. Overall, this is Heathen's third album and the first in the last 13 years. Fortunately, they stick to their old formula. Catchy thrash with some elements of speed. And yeah, they can still be fast. OH YEAH! The vocals are in my opinion maybe even a tiny bit better than that on Victims (more high-pitched and a bit more melodic), riffs are still amazing, so are the solos and the leads (quite flashy, fast, with that killer Heathen melodies). Drumwork is rather good and so is bass. The production is fair, but could have been better.

So the songs. The first two are covers of two great songs of two great bands. Death On Two Legs is a Queen cover and it works great. It isn't even remotely thrash, but it has great melodic, catchy vocal lines throughout the whole song. The Holy War is a Thin Lizzy cover and has some nice guitar work. Again, nice verse and chorus part.

In Memory Of... is a new song and it's a ballad. It does not sound cheesy which is quite of an achievement for a ballad. As someone said, it could have been a Skid Row song. And that's cool.

Then there comes a complete turning point of the album. After the first more mellow songs, Hellbound follows. Great intro riff, which just continues into a great headbanging thrasher. Great vocal performance and a great singalong. Eye Of The Storm is simmilar to Hellbound. A great headbanger.

Hypnotized is a re-recording from ''Victims'' and it's as good as it was when it was first recorded. Next is Opiate Of The Masses. I have heard the song on this album first, not on Victims, so I was a bit dissapointed when I heard the Victims version. This one is better. It's a bit faster and has some corrections, which work great. That break at around 4:30 (not sure on this one) is just amazing. Timeless Cell is great song. No doubt about it. Fast and furious, fun as hell. Probably has one of the best and most memorable choruses ever. The version of Mercy Is No Virtue is simmilar to the one on Victims.

This is really a nice surprise. A great thrash album from 2004. Definitely worth getting, even if you're not a fan of Heathen.

Heathen Recovered- A Decent Comeback - 85%

sixxswine, August 6th, 2004

I was never a fan of Heathen's, even in their prime. I think for me a big turn off was their cover of "Set Me Free." I personally didn't care for that, what did initially attract me to the band was the fact that they had worked with Ronnie Montrose. When I got this compilation of covers & demos, my expectations for such a mix of material, wasn't very high. I do admire them for taking a chance & opening the record with two songs, that I never heard as thrash/power metal hybrid,“Death on Two Legs” by Queen & “The Holy War” by Thin Lizzy. Who would have thought?
I like their renditions, they brought a fresh approach to each of those two tracks. I think if someone wasn't familiar with the originals, they'd think they were Heathen material. Heathen did include one original track recorded for this compilation, it's entitled “In Memory of...” It's a very emotional, moody, it gives the band a chance to branch out & do something more than just shred. I'm sure, this newly recorded track, will please their core fan base. I think the real bonus to this collection is the remastered demos. You get an opportunity to do some time traveling & listen to band in their infancy, with raw & an unadulterated sound. The innocence of the band & their energy is captured brilliantly on these recordings, the remastering just enhances the experience.
Clearly if you're a fan of Heathen you'll be jumping for joy that they have returned after a lengthy hiatus. I think this is a good record, that fans of power metal & thrash would really appreciate.

Heathen is back with a vengeance! - 93%

Ravenlord, May 23rd, 2004

Recovered doesn't have much 'new' material on it, in that it isn't an album full of original and new Heathen songs. However, the album rocks from start to finish, and that's all I ask for in a metal album.

Death on Two Legs - Well...this is the worst song on the album, even though it isn't a bad song. The intro is pretty promising, and then the chorus is very interesting/neat (and cool). It's a Queen cover song, and it's not bad, but the verse sections take away from the song.

Holy War- A good cover of my favorite song off Thin Lizzy's "Thunder and Lightening" album. There's not much change between this song and the original, but there's really nothing you can complain about here.

In Memory Of... - A kickass track, that could've been a long lost Skid Row ballad, and I wouldn't have known the difference. Good songwriting here, and it's not cheesy or wimpy at all. A great metal ballad here.

WARNING: At this point of the CD, you might want to break out your donut, because your ass is about to get very sore, very fast from all the kicking it will endure throughout the rest of the album.

Hellbound - From the first riff, you can tell this is gonna be a definite headbanger. The chorus to this song reminds me of something Armored Saint might write, and that's not a bad thing, just a somewhat different thing than what I was expecting after the otherwise very straight-forward speedy verses. A great track here as well.

Hypnotized - Straight up thrash. That's what you have here for a full six minutes. Another headbanger, another winner. Also a rerecording of the same song from Victims of Deception.

Eye of the Storm - Speed metal that's heavy on the lead guitar is what we have here, and how can you not like that? Exactly, you can't, unless you are either a wimp or a poseur.

Opiate for the Masses - Well, it's a re-recording of the same song from Victims of Deception. If they were gonna redo a song, I would've gone for Goblin's Blade, but hey that's just me. Another good track.

Timeless Cell - HELL YES! Thrash/speed metal that Heathen does oh so well is what this song is all about. This is my favorite track from the whole album. There's really nothing but great things that anyone could say about this song, especially since it's a total five minute speed fest. This is also a re-recording of a song from Victims of Deception.

Mercy is no Virtue - The riffs really kick my ass on this thrasher, and make this in my opinion the 'heaviest' track on the album. This is a high quality Victims of Deception track that they decided to redo.

I was hoping for a great album from these guys, but from hearing a few samples, I wasn't really expecting the album to be THIS good. It's the best thrash album I've heard in quite some time though, and it's no coincidence that it also sounds like it could've come out in 1988.