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Half Decent NS EP - 70%

langstondrive, March 2nd, 2004

Here is an EP from the mysterious Hate Forest - no band member identites?? Despite this, Hate Forest conjures up some rather evil music on this short (just over 20 minute) EP. The guitar tone is ugly, but the production isn't terrible (well, compared to some other stuff). Drums are well done, with some nice blasting going on in the opening track. Speaking of which, the opener is by far the keeper of this EP. A 7 minute long epic with enough riffs to keep the interest level high and fairly strange vocals (growls) for this style of music. A minimalistic, atmospheric piece of black metal. The second song follows in the same vein, but does not match the first. "Black God" is a strange ambient piece, sounds like a nature scene with the typical "storm" ambience and some very odd vocals a few minutes in. The final track, "Burning Churches" opens with (surprise) the sound of a fire burning, then turns into a drone fest with the guitars. The one riff that this song contains is decent and fairly evil, but for some reason is becomes an ear sore after a while.

Overall, this is a decent piece of black metal, but nothing special in the least. Download the first song (Aryosophia), as it is definitely an excellent song.