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Rotting Solarflesh - 62%

Daru_Jericho, December 10th, 2013

With their debut release on Napalm Records, Poland's death metal machine Hate unleash 'Solarflesh' on the metal faithful early in the year. Album number eight brings more of the ferocious death metal that fans can expect from the corpse-painted death metallers with the newer shines of black metal glean influenced by modern Satyricon.

Opening with instrumental introduction 'Watchful Eye of Doom', the quartet utilise Middle Eastern percussion with a female voice to create a sinister prelude to the album before launching into typical Behemoth-style blistering death metal. The comparison to Behemoth is one that runs throughout this release and is a challenge to ignore, particularly with the excessive employment of Behemoth-sounding guitar leads, as heard on 'Alchemy of Blood' and 'Timeless Kingdom'. The blackened death metal atmosphere is made clinical in sound by production and is counterbalanced by the return of a Middle Eastern vocal and percussive influence, as evidenced on the title track and concluding number 'Mesmerized'. However, these ethnic influences avoid fleshing out the music in any particularly notable measure. Tempos lurch between blastbeat breakneck and darkly slow, with 'Endless Purity' showcasing an almost Incantation-esque doomy crawl alongside exploratory melodic guitar harmonies.

The presence of filler tracks on this full-length is quite overwhelming, including 'Eternal Might' and 'Festivals of Slaves'. Hate's newest is a far cry from the optimum release 'Anaclasis - A Haunting Gospel of Malice and Hatred' from 2005 with its particularly fresh take on being rhythmically focused but although it avoids bringing much new to the table, it does present an interesting listen or two.

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