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Worthy of a listen - 47%

PainMiseryDeath, May 29th, 2004

The word Hamartia comes from the Greek word hamartanein, and meaning 'to miss the mark' or 'tragic flaw.' The band name is certainly fitting, for they do seem to just miss the mark of playing good melodic death metal, and 'tragically' have way to many hardcore moments.

Yes, every song has at least one halfway decent riff, and there are a few rather good ones (I enjoy the intro riffing to the song So Hard to Find), but Hamartia shift things in a hardcore direction all too often, with slow chugging riffs, and more or less boring parts that belong in hardcore, maybe metalcore, and not melodic death metal. There are mainly screechy/shouty style vocals (typical metalcore course), but there are also some weak and wussy clean metalcore vocals that just rub me the wrong way. Those vocals are scarce, thankfully. The drums are mainly simple, content on keeping the pace, and shifting patterns often enough so they don't become boring. A few bonus points should probably go towards the production, it's sharp and good enough that nothing is drowned out.

So if you enjoy (or can stand) a bit of metalcore (or are a nut for melodic death), this cd is at least worthy of a listen.