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Seriously The Best I've Heard In A Long Time - 100%

giganticbrain, July 27th, 2008

Maybe its just me, but something about the concept of French/Canadian depressive or ambient black metal is just orgasmic, and almost literally. Il était une forêt... is possibly one of the best depressive black metal / ambient black metal albums I've ever heard. The soul haunting ambiance, the suicidal guitars, the ghost-like vocals, everything just adds up.

Even from the beginning this album is flawless. The first track (Il était une forêt...) commences with incredibly melancholic strings in a slow flowing manner. Its very depressing but in a good way of course. After a little bit the guitars shred in. I say shred because their what I'd call "raw". Their crunchy as hell and skull penetrating. Along with the guitar come drums with a slight reverb or echo (can't tell the difference between the two) on them, making them seem all the more haunting. As soon as the vocals come in, you know your in for a helplessly depressive ride into an abyss unknown, or something like that.

One other track that definitely caught my attention was "La Dryade". It was a track of entire ambiance, or just pure epic. Whichever one it is, its insanely melodic and soul-crushing. They used a combination of piano's, harmonized violins, acoustic guitars, and many other instrument to create a track of beauty. It's a nice closure to the album, and a break away from the black metal aspect of the album.

Before you listen to this album, you may wanna know that Gris uses Silencer vocals. If your not familiar with the band, then just imagine what a screaming ghost would sound like, and thats the basic idea of the vocals. Its a little obnoxious at first, but it soon will blend into a beautiful mixture of win-sauce soon enough.