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This is boring. - 18%

Zodijackyl, February 4th, 2012

What would happen if you took overly simple, power-chord rock, added some double bass, had a thin, powerless guitar tone, and replaced the catchy, melodic vocals with monotonous, static-distorted rasps? It would suck. Needless to say, phrasing that as a question to begin a review leads into my thoughts on it - this sucks. It's boring, droning, and not much of anything happens.

The ten-minute song really doesn't have enough content to stretch it out to ten minutes, but it just keeps droning on and on and on. All six songs are around ten minutes long, though none of them should be. Perhaps the poor production is supposed to emphasize the textures and tones of the riffs, rather it just buries the melodies and most of anything that would be interesting under a layer of static. There are some moments where the fizz of the guitars goes away and it sounds like things might get interesting, but it quickly goes back to droning fizz and being indecipherable, boring noise.

There are some cool melodies and harmonies on guitar, at times accompanied by some pretty good screams, but it takes nearly half the record to get to that, and the listener probably needs to be raised from the dead at that point. Not long after that, some guy sound like he's somewhere between vomiting and crying over an acoustic guitar. "Veux-tu Danser?" has some nice melodic parts, but like every song, it's way too long.

Then the album comes to a close with an ten minute piano/violion neofolk wankfest that would be really cool if it weren't ten fucking minutes long. It sounds really nice at some points, but it drags on for so long that I get incredibly sick of it, as is the same with every song on here. Monotones, drones, and weak songwriting don't make good long songs. This album was a chore to listen to.