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Brilliant. - 95%

Slight, March 15th, 2008

As the review title suggests, this album is pure brilliance compiled on a plastic disc with a playing time of a good 59 minutes. On this disc we are presented with some of the most hateful black metal ever presented to mankind, it far surpasses any form of garage band black metal that we are so used to nowadays. Thank goodness.

They had already managed to capture my attention before with their previous release "Neurasthénie" under their old bandname of Niflheim. That release was already very good and mature, but in my opinion doesn't quite reach the brilliance (or production value) that this album has. I would certainly advice to check it out though, it's worth the listen. These people don't make B-side music.

But as I mentioned, the production on here is topnotch - now, that doesn't mean it's your average Necromorbus production, or even Abyss Studio. This is what black metal should sound like in my opinion, the sound is so mutilated (I guess overmodulated is the right word) that it totally envelopes you in a cloud of dark riffs. This style makes you feel very dismal and it has a hypnotizing effect. Also it contains some of the most hateful vocals you have ever heard, approaching very much the suical black metal genre in style and passion. The passion is very important, if this is lacking it results in some terrible cheesy vocals, which luckily is not the case here. This guy (Icare) has more than enough passion for his vocals/music.

I suppose if you asked me to best describe the genre of this album, it would be depressive funeral black metal (not the boring type though). But this disc isn't all earrape and audial torture, the tracks feature some tantelizing breaks, but perhaps the biggest surprise is a 10 minute track at the end. This track is called "La Dryade" and is a fully instrumental song containing some piano, violin, cello and acoustic guitar work. A true work of art.

Bottom line, if you are into Peste Noire, Trist (Cze), Marblebog etc. - this is the album for you to get.

I gave it 95% because I think there should be room for improvement, a band always needs to aim for more and better. On their MySpace site they announced "Six albums, and the last is double, are planned." so that leaves much room for further perfecting their skills. I'm looking forward to it.