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Where art thy goat? 'Tis stoning time - 74%

SLlMER, December 11th, 2006

While I appreciate and enjoy both these bands very much I found this split to be kind of disappointing and unessential. Something about it leaves me unfulfilled when listening. After seeing Graves At Sea live I must say that their recorded output pales in comparison to their live show. For those of you who have never heard them it’s extreme droning stoner/doom metal from Arizona not unlike Burning Witch. These sunburned potheads contribute two slow burning tracks that sound about exactly the same as any of the songs that can be found on their debut EP entitled “Documents Of Grief.”

Asunder are a mournful-sounding type of US funeral doom band. While I enjoyed "A Clarion Call" a lot it wouldn’t be right to say the 20 minute track they provide for this split is taking a step backward, but it does not seem to be taking any progressions forward for the band. Not the most enjoyable or memorable 20 minute track I’ve heard. Overall I find this split to float in a grey area of musical relevance, and not in the way either of these bands probably intended. Check out "A Clarion Call” and “Documents of Grief” prior to this.