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Excellent release - 90%

SLlMER, July 27th, 2012

Don't let the generic and goofy band name deceive you- these guys wrote some amazing death metal. "False" is a pulverizing and very heavy release by Gorefest. To say this album was 'ahead of its time for 1992' would be a repugnant understatement. The production alone is leagues ahead of other death metal bands of the time. With the help of Colin Richardson Gorefest achieve a truly massive sound with "False". I'm writing this review in the year 2012 and twenty years later even by todays overblown production standards this album sounds devastatingly huge. It's somewhat tedious to do so, but special mention must be made of the superb production. Just listen on headphones and hear for yourself. Pay close attention to the overall clarity, instrument separation in the mix, keen usage of reverb on the vocals, and most importantly: the drums. Wow, what an incredible mix on the drumset. The cymbals and double-kicks are among the best on any early 90s death metal release. Additionally there are many creative and rhythmically unpredictable riifs throughout most of these songs.

The first two tracks "The Glorious Dead" and "State of Mind" are two of the standout songs and set an ominous atmosphere right out of the gate with their groovy, mid-tempo stomp, subtle dark melodies, and slight (and I do mean very slight) industrial death metal tinges. However, while these first two tracks are standout tracks, every song on here is quite good. Gorefest put out a pretty exceptional album with "False" because of the dynamics and control that they display on every song. A great attention to detail was put forth by the band and the producer. The whole album has a very dark and crunchy lurching atmosphere to it with good diversity in timbre and dynamics.

It's plain to see the influence that this release would have on bands incorporating subtle Industrial and heavily rhythmic influences into their death metal such as Sepultura (Chaos A.D.), 90's-era Napalm Death (Fear, Emptiness, Despair and Diatribes), Fear Factory, and Godflesh. While Sepultura and Napalm Death in particular would go on to later straight-up jack some of Gorefest's sound, none of those records by other bands can really match what Gorefest were doing with "False". Other reviews on here would suggest that this is a tired or uninspired recording but I wholeheartedly disaggree and I implore all fans of heavy and dark early-90's death metal to find this tape for their collection.