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This album really has issues I cannot overlook - 35%

Nokturrnus, July 16th, 2011

I heard that this band is similar to Mercyful Fate. The only thing, that both bands have in common is, that they have satanic / occult lyrics and yet don't try to sound like "let's make some terrible noise with insane vocals" and that's it.

Now to this album. As sole, some of the lyrics may be considered as decent (such as Elizabeth) but definitely not great (I don't think that there is anything great about this album at all). Combined with the fact, that there are already plenty of bands with satanic lyrics, it's rather ridiculous. Certain are pathetic even as sole (for example Con Clavi Con Dio). Vocalist can sing, but I would expect something more powerful. These vocals fit a pop rock band, not a metal band. And occasional "growls" don't make it any better. I can also mention, that the first "Lucifer" in Con Clavi Con Dio is just too stilted.

Other members also play their instruments well, but it lacks several things. First - some more variations in riffs and overall composition, such as some complex riffs, some acoustic guitar (not only in the last song) etc. Second - it's not melodic enough. Guitar solos are rare and they are mostly based on one certain repetitive melody. The drums also play too repetitive beats. I would appreciate some more irregular fills, or at least if the drummer played the toms more often (because I can hear almost only snare, kick and cymbals).

Gloomy mood of this album is the only thing that I don't have any problems with, though a little "brighter" moment wouldn't do harm.

It would be unfair to call this album a garbage, but even though I'm not expecting anything special and pompous, it doesn't bring anything at all. There are few at least a little bit good songs, while the rest is not even average and worth more than one listen. Honestly, this band is overrated.