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Not as good as the next demo - 69%

UltraBoris, September 9th, 2003

This one is not quite as consistent, though it is similar. There's one really brilliant song that combines the awesome choppy riffs and the quirky sense of melody, and that is Endless Dreaming. That song is second-demo quality.

The rest. Pretty decent tech-thrash. Imagine something like ITP or Symbolic Death, except a bit catchier and with shriekier vocals. Not the complete mindfuck that is Watchtower, but kinda close in overall tone - bass comes out of nowhere to be prominent, time changes everywhere, you know the drill.

Indeed, this demo gets better as it goes on, as the best two songs are Endless Dreaming and Tantalus - Fall of Phnom Penh and Lunatic's Revenge are also decent, though at times an exercise in "wait, WHAT is the next riff?!". It's worth getting if you can find it.