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Fear Factory At Their Finest - 100%

Lord_Deathrot, July 28th, 2010

By 1995, LA's Fear Factory had already blown the definition of metal out the water with their 1992 debut "Soul of A New Machine". But before their second effort was released, we were given a taste of what was to come. And boy could they chose the right track.

From the moment "Replica" begins, Burton C. Bell's grunt on the first note kicks things off to an equally melodic and aggressive fashion. The chorus of the song is by far my favorite part of the brilliant song. Just how soaring and brooding Burton's voice sounds makes me play this song a lot. If 31 plays on iTunes doesn't justify the brilliance of this song I don't know what does.

"Replica" showed an evolution of the band from Soul of A New Machine-era; and what was to follow with "Demanufacture" would be a defining moment for Fear Factory. I doubt I'm the only FF fan here who loves this song; and I owe this song and the album it is off for making me truly begin to like Fear Factory.