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My Introduction to Fear Factory - 83%

Colonel_Kurtz, February 12th, 2003

This was the first Fear Factory cd I ever purchased. When I first heard it I loved it. I think I gave it a 90. The album just blew me away. So why did I praise it so highly? Well, I never heard their older stuff and this was the first metal cd I ever bought. I was listening to The Tea Party all day(I still do and a great band they are) and one day I saw Obsolete on sale so I bought it. Of course being a fan of Front Line Assembly will only make me even more anxious to hear this band. So in the cd goes and out comes my review...

The album starts with Shock and a nice opener it is. Burton screams "Shock" with all his might and vocal power. The song features a nice clean-vocal chorus backed by the usually keyboard power.

We hae Edgecrusher which is said to be one of Chirstian's favorite songs. The song is probably the most straightforward on the album. It's heavy and fits fairly well on the second track. Some will notice the use of a DJ. While I normally feel DJs have no business in metal, it seems to work well. However, they are playing with fire and this becomes far too evident on their next album with the song "Back the Fuck Up".

Smasher/Devourer is probably the least accessible song on the album. It features almost no chrous and spans for over 5 minutes. However, when Burton does his clean vocals they sound great. When he sings "Salvation" it just seems so nautral. The song is the heaviest on the album but is by no means a bad song.

Securition(Police State 2000) has an extremely chrous. It somewhat reminds me of Self Bia Resistor but with more keyboards and snare drum hitting. A strong song throughout but it gets a little too predictable. At this point of the album things are getting just that. Thankful the next track throws a monkey wrench into things

Decent is an extremely catchy song throughout. The vocals arent harsh and the keyboards and guitar just have this radio-hit feel to them. It is a surprise to me that this song wasnt a hit. It is one of the most melodic things the band has ever done. The song is straightforward and doesnt offer anything new, but is a good song nevertheless.

Hi-tech Hate sounds similar to Securition(Police State 2000). Nothing new here. Just a basica Obsolete-session song. Not a bad one and pretty catchy. Both melodic and death vocals used here.

Freedom or Fire is my personal favorite song on the album. It is a lot darker than the other tracks and features a killer chrous with Burton's vocals sounding better than ever. He utilizes his voice to the fullest potential. Why he didnt do this on Digimortal is a mystery. A really nice song with extremely hard snare drum hitting.

Obsolete is another straightforward song much like Edgecrusher. There is some interesting tom action during a fairly easy chrous to chant. The Gary Numan intro sets up the song. A faitrly basic Fear Factory song. I tend to pass over this one a bit because it is too predictable

Resurrection is the bands attempt at a progressive ballad. The band sounds at home on this one after doing A Therpay for Pain on their last album. The song is strong and features absolutely no death-metal vocals. There are also some orchestrated music going on which adds to the song's qualitiy. More progressive than any other of Fear Factory's work

Timelessness is the closes balled. It resembles Front Line Assembly more than anything else(figures since Rhys Fulber is doing the keyboards). The song has no drums, almost no guitars, and no bass. A song based on keys and just keys. A fitting closer but were two closing ballads needed for a 10track album? Still it sounds fine

While the album is a good one it lacks diversity. Sure thing band used a DJ and an orchestra but thats not going to cut it. Some of thr songs get very predictable and Dino needs to play some moer riffs. Overall I like this cd a little more than I should. Maybe its because of the weakness of Digimortal. Not the bands strongest release, but far better than all those mallcore junk.