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Not your stereotypical power metal - 97%

linkavitch, December 20th, 2008

Falconer is the band created by Stefan Weinerhall and Karsten Larsson after the split-up of Mithotyn. I’m a huge Mithotyn fan, so I knew I was going to like it right off the bat. Its power metal this time only with clean vocals instead of the harsh vocals Mithotyn did, although this is not the typical power metal band that you would come to expect.

The differences in this style of power metal are what make it so good. The vocals are the first big difference. Mathias Blad is an amazing vocalist; in fact he is one of my favorite power metal vocalists. But what makes him good and distinct from the others is how rich and full his voice is even on high notes. It’s not ever an empty or hollow sound like some power metal vocalist do on those high pitched shrieking notes. His voice is smooth and soaring throughout the whole album.

The lyrics are just great here. The lyrics/guitar tones bring out a medieval atmosphere that is amazing. Just listening to them brings out a 13th century vibe to them, giving the band an even more unique sound. And Blads voice along with the lyrics makes them even greater.

The guitar tone is also quite different than other power metal bands. Much like the vocals/lyrics, they have medieval style melodies that can also be surprisingly heavy at times. Mix Blads vocals with the guitar tone and all you have to do is just close your eyes and you can picture that whole medieval picture. Also the keyboard work in songs like “Substitutional World” makes them even more amazing.

This is an amazing album. Everything they do they do it well. It’s not your typical power metal, but that is also what makes it so unique. Mathias Blads voice is just amazing, and the lyrics will make you want to sing along. I highly recommend this one, hell you should own it. Seriously, go out and buy it now.