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Different power metal - 92%

Sir_General_Flashman, April 10th, 2008

When you think of power metal, don't you normally think of men with long hair, playing overly light and happy melodies on a keyboard with the occasional guitar solo thrown in. You could also think of the men straining their voices trying to hit as many high notes as possible. Falconer is different and does a good job with it.

The first difference is that the band hired a professional actor/singer for Swedish musicals. Mathias Blad's voice is not shrieky, in fact it is quite the opposite. His voice is almost soothing. Whereas in the common power metal, high notes can get very annoying and even painful sometimes, Mathias's high notes still have the soothing tone to them. Even with the soothing tone, the music still can keep the pace up. In a few songs(Wings of Serenity) it sounds like there are other female singers in the background. The duet makes this song even better than usual. With the female vocals you can almost feel yourself soaring.

The next large difference is the amount of guitar in this album compared to the usual keyboard. Although not forgotten, the keyboard plays a much smaller role than you would expect. If you listen carefully you can hear it a select parts, but not much more than that. The guitar melodies have a middle age feeling to them, which adds to the musics difference compared to other power metal. The two guitars move quickly along, swapping solos, and making the songs interesting and fun to listen to.

The album as a whole sounds as if you took a band from the middle ages and brought them here, in this time period, and gave them modern instruments to play. With the catchy choruses and clean vocals, you can't deny that it's power metal, but you also can't deny how genuinely good this album is.