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Pretty terrible power metal - 10%

Muloc7253, March 9th, 2010

I know that power metal has ironically become the most 'powerless' genre of metal, but most melodic/keyboard/fairy-obsessed power (or flower) metal band still has some degree of power, centred in high levels of epicness and power-pop style upbeatness. Sure, Sonata Arctica are no Jag Panzer, but they still deliver fast, high energy, feel good melodic metal. Falconer are another modern (in comparison the Ample Destruction) power metal band that have got a lot of positive press but they don't go with the whole overly-melodic, symphonic nature of most modern power metal. I most assume that that's the only reason anybody approves of this album.

Because this is some pretty terrible music right here. Power metal, being the most melodic metal genre, must at least indulge in melody a fair bit, but all of the riffs here are completely dull and uninspired. The guitarists stick to either a simple, hard rockin' power chord drive, or they play faux-celtic riffs and neither kind are memorable or even temporarily entertaining. Of course, there are quite a lot of modern power metal bands (Nightwish for instance) that just use the guitars to beef out their sound while the vocals carry the main melodies and hooks - a bit shallow, but it works. Falconer don't do that either though, they employ a fucking awful mid-pitched vocalist that sings in a professionally capable but otherwise horribly monotonous voice that lacks any kind of strength or power and gets ridiculously annoying after a few minutes in.

There's not much else to say about it really. It's just generic riffs and annoying vocals. There are some grating jig moments, like the break in 'Upon the Grave of Guilt', and the lyrics are really horribly cheesy and simplistic fantasy stories, but outside of these atrocities it's just a very dull album that grates after a while and has a really bizarrely high reputation. Go figure.