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The pinnacle of Power Metal - 100%

JiB666, October 25th, 2006

Wow, wow, re-fucking-wow. I just bought this album and went trough over and over again for like four hours. This is....PERFECT. This is where the power metal reached the epitome of perfection. I knew Falconer for a few years, but only listened to a few songs from different albums. I knew they were an aswesome power metal band, but before listening to this album I didn't knew how good they were.Here is a song by song review, because I can't help but not to neglect any crafty details...

The album kicks off with "Upon The Grave Of Guilt", which is all about the guitar. Stefan made some very poignant guitar riffs that finds a way to your soul. This is a very sorrowful song, but yet, Mathias's enthusiastic voice is there to remind you it's just a song. Then, it's "Heresy in disguise" who's full of nice voices harmonies. Very catchy song, which is a nice set up for the big hit "Wings Of Serenity" which follows. This is a very popular Falconer song, and the very first song I've heard from them. Fast drums, kick ass low vocals this is as good as you can get in power metal. Next in line is "A Quest For The Crown" another well renowned song. Once again Mathias runs the show with perfect vocals and a very charismatic storytelling.

You still don't seem satisfied don't you? Falconer follows up with "Mindtraveller" who kicks off with a very very catchy riff which you can mumble for days after you're done listening this album. The song itself is very catchy and very enjoyable. It's one of their most fast paced song. Number six, seven, eight are "Entering Enternity", "Royal Galley" and "Substitutionnal World" . If this album have a weak point, it's these songs, They are excellent, but they all kind of sound like each other. Personally I didn't minded much, because they are all good songs, but it might bug some crafty musicians.

Ninth song is "Lord Of The Blacksmiths" which is heavier than most of the previous ones. Very heavy guitars, but still it's very catchy and it's flowing with the atmosphere of the album. You almost feel like forging when listening to this song. That's how a medieval sound should make you feel in my opinion. Last song but not the least, "The past lives on" which is an amazing, even maybe a classic signalong.

Seriously this album is all about Stefan and Mathias and their artistic vision. If you guys are like me, not musicians, just fans...this album is for you. That has some feeling in it.