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Pretty well perfect - 100%

Basilisk, October 17th, 2008

You wouldn’t think a dead Viking black metal band (Mithotyn) would ever rise from its grave as a power metal band… nor would you expect that power metal band to be very good… would you? If so, then Falconer will prove you wrong. This album is freakin amazing.

This definitely isn’t your typical bouncy, light, symphonic stuff. There is a forceful element to the heavy, medieval-influenced guitar melodies that seems to blend perfectly with the vocals of Mathias Blad. Have you heard this guy sing? It’s inspirational. It seems bringing in a veteran of Swedish musical theatre was a sound career move for Falconer. His vocals are crisp and clean- not nasally high-pitched, but he can hit the high notes you bet your balls. The lower medium range he uses is impressive, it’s confident and melodic and it really works well with the medieval flavour of the music. He does his own backing vocals (layered in) which makes for some really great vocal harmonies.

Admittedly the lyrics could have been crafted a bit better, but I can easily overlook the few grammatical inconsistencies in the lyrics simply because they are sung so well (and their native tongue is Swedish after all). The guitars have a slight unpolished finish that adds intensity and makes the music sound more vigorous, less like traditional power metal. The songs are fast and original, the catchy vocal melodies will have you singing along (well I don’t know about you, but they had me singing along).

There is definitely talent here. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill fill. The guitars are hard-hitting and the vocals are striking. The guitars might seem a little strident in comparison to the vocals, but the vocals are so eloquent that they are never drowned out by the guitars. Given that this is their first album, I am very impressed with its outcome, not to mention enamored by the vocals. Highly recommended.