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90's metal how it should be done - 92%

Corporal_Jigsore_Q, December 21st, 2007

Now this is how most of the 90's metal albums (Machine Head, Pantera, Fear Factory, Sepultura, etc.) SHOULD have sounded. Each of the above mentioned bands released 2-3 albums in the 90's that were good to great, but none as downright headcrushing as this. Sure, "Burn My Eyes", " Demanufacture", Chaos AD", Vulgar Display"...etc were better albums, but none kick your arse like this beast.

This album opens with a quote from the great Aussie movie "Romper Stomper" and quickly follows with a blastbeat, and it's all on from then. Marco Aro provides great vocals throughout, the guitars have a good, if slightly muddy sound, and the bass can be heard fairly clearly. The Drums you ask? Well to me, this is the best drumming performance on an album in this type of groove/post thrash/90's/woolly hat metal full stop.

There is enough variance in the songs on this album to avoid monotony, but changes aren't that drastic that you think you're listening to a Mike Patton album. To sum up, if you're a fan of 90's metal BUY this album. I guarantee you won;t be disappointed (if you are, i will pay yoou for the CD).