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Exorcist's theater of the macabre - 85%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, June 17th, 2011

General question: Do you enjoy a good campy horror movie? Because listening to Exorcist is the equivalent of watching an old styled Creature Feature on a Saturday Night when you have fuck all to do. I'm not going to go into obvious trivial facts such as how Exorcist is really Virgin Steele dealing with band/label drama, but more into the classic horror atmosphere this album gives out. It really does. I rarely hear metal albums that give out a good campy feel to their music; of course this was produced in the 80's so it's going to have a real Bona fied sense of fun mixed in with "Yeah we really are talented musicians who are putting out good music" seriousness to it.

Before I even go into describing the music, I just want to say something about the artwork; I love it. No, not like...'like' is more akin to some band you know about but their music isn't the best and holds no interest to you but you want to be courteous and give them some points even if their music sucks so you say "Oh yeah I like their artwork" I LOVE this album's artwork. It's almost like looking at the cover of some cruddy old, disintegrating VHS box cover in some random mom and pop video store that time somehow forgot where you can still also find and actually rent the original 80's big box version of Italian Horror movies. In fact the artwork almost has a striking similarity to 1981's "Night of Horror" with the plastic Halloween masks and slime dripping off them. Whatever, or whomever decided on the final artwork knew what they were doing; they were giving the listener some rather scrumptious eye candy.

The music....everyone has called Exorcist this and that from Speed Metal to Power Metal to even Black metal. Yes there are subtle hints of Black metal, but this music is about as far away from black metal as it gets; I don't even rank it anywhere near the first wave of black metal bands. Take the over-the-top humor of Piledriver, the theatrics of W.A.S.P., the occult/horror lyrics of Venom and the speed of early Destruction "Infernal Overkill" era and that's about as close as you're going to get. It's an odd amalgamation that works. Not only does the music draw-up everything that reeks about the 80's, but they even go for broke with half of the songs on here being 30 second 'intros' that resembles stories. Which again adds to the horror element of their music.

And that's it. It's disheartening because if you're like me and you really love this album you are still waiting for some rare demos to pop-up and be pressed onto CD from a label like Hell's headbangers. Forget it, jack; they only made one album. But for only one album it's more enjoyable, more campy, and more fun than a lot of other albums I own. If you want to pass-up this album for something more 'polished' and 'serious' than by all means go listen to the new Morbid Angel, but you are seriously denying yourself a fun album.