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This ain't Tempo of the Damned - 87%

a8o, September 29th, 2005

What a great album title! It's essentially a new band, Gary Holt the only original member to legitimise trading on the legendary Exodus name. Realising in the world of metal there are no constants, that some bands decline if left to stagnate, espescially as their members get older, Holt has assembled a terriffic lineup to record a worthy follow-up to 'Tempo of the Damned' and stay fresh and vital. If one year is the kind of time Holt and Co. need to record quality modern thrash just like the heyday of the genre in the 1980s I say keep the door revolving.

But keep Paul Bosteph, he's the real star here. The riffs are thick and meaty like you'd except a piece of shovel headed machinery to be after a few frags. The only criticism comes on the 8 1/2 minute "Deathamphetamine" which although enjoying breakneck speed is a little too ambitious with too few ideas to sustain its length. Rob Dukes, the new vocallist, has surely benefited from good production, but nevertheless does a good job, well suited to the modern thrash approach, but at times sounding like a poor man's Tom Angleripper of Sodom in lacking that same venom and punch to rank his performance as truely memorable.

The rest kills. This album will rank both as one of Exodus' best works and one of the best albums of a year defined by some standouts, but a lot of mediocrity and disspointing releases.