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Maniacal, Gory Mayhem!!! - 100%

mustaine_is_god_96, January 5th, 2012

This has to be one of the greatest death/grind albums of all time!!! It helped redefine the genre of grindcore itself and it gave the next generation a pretty high standard to match (or beat). Once you see the album cover depicting a house full of splattered guts including some leftover pieces on a chainsaw, you know you’re in for a gory treat.

Let’s start with the production. I have to admit, it’s a little dry, but that’s the beauty of this album. You don’t need good production to make an amazing full-length. The raw production actually helps make the instruments heavier than they need to be, making the final product amazingly brutal. Speaking of heaviness, I love the sound of the guitars. It’s how grindcore guitars should sound: heavily distorted, raw, and loud. Both Matt and Mike Beams do a great job on guitar. They may go slightly off-time occasionally, but overall it’s a well-composed album. I find it amazing that Matt Harvey can play guitar and do those harsh screams at the same time. I also love Col Jones’s drumming. With fast double bass, blast beats, and fast pounding, the sound of the drums will rip your eardrums apart!

The songs themselves are also really good. The opener, Necromaniac, is my personal favourite from this album. It has a brutally heavy opening riff that wakes you up, letting you know that this gore fest of an album has begun. Other songs I absolutely love from this album are “Postmortem Procedures”, “Limb from Limb”, “Casket Krusher”, “In My Human Slaughterhouse”, “Sepulchral Slaughter”, and the 6-minute epic, “Deadest of the Dead”. But I believe the entire album is great.

This album is a masterpiece, not just for goregrind, death/grind, or grindcore, but death metal in general. You MUST listen to it. If you hate it, you deserve to be torn LIMB FROM FUCKING LIMB!!!

Genre (Re)defining - 99%

BlackSeal, December 15th, 2008

"Gore Metal"... The album's name alone tells you what you can expect, and you can bet that it delivers, from the music to the artwork. With this album, Exhumed have managed to find middle ground between brutal and... well, brutal. If you're a fan of the death/grind sound, then you've probably heard of these guys, and if you haven't, then I recommend you leave your computer and purchase this album.

As with the first time I heard "Symphonies of Sickness", I was truly amazed at what "Gore Metal" offered. Starting with "Necromaniac" is the pounding, screaming assault that is Exhumed. The band sounds extremely tight throughout, not giving you a moment to catch your breath. The vocal trade-offs are absolutely fantastic, giving the songs a unique edge that just cuts into your head. The drums are a relentless attack that just don't quit. The guitars send riff after riff through your speakers, and the bass just may cause your home's foundation to crumble.

So, now you're probably wondering, "If the album is so good, why did you not give it 100%?" The reason is simple. By the time "Gore Metal" comes to a stop in your CD player, your ears will be deaf from its great attack. So, for those that have not heard this album, go. Go now, and buy this piece of metal greatness.

Boooooring. - 30%

MutatisMutandis, July 20th, 2008

Exhumed play straight-up, unimaginative Carcass worship. "Unimaginative Carcass worship"? Imagine that! While bands like early Haemmorhage, Gruesome Stuff Relish, and Impaled could write some thrash-worthy homages to the retired gore gods, Exhumed sound so brutally uninspired I can feel my eardrums becoming vestigial as a lockdown defense mechanism.

I don't feel like expending a whole lot of time or energy on this review, considering during the writing process, this band did neither, so lets get down to business. While vocal quality has never really been a big deal for me, Exhumed sounds so unintentionally comical, I can feel my face flush whenever the half-assed patterns bust in and the band interprets what a duck full of helium would sound like if confronted by a dying rhinoceros. The drumming is equivalent in terms of stunning mediocrity, and sounds basically what you'd expect from Rick Allen on PCP - sloppy, pointless, and symptomatic of a one armed drummer playing Carl Palmer's kit.

While a few tracks display some head noddingly worthy riffs and some moshable groove, for the most part, it falls flat and the tracklisting is far more miss than hit. If you're looking for some quality Carcass worship, pick up Symphonies Of Sickness and Necroticism. You see what I did there? Good times.

this cd will tear you limb from limb...literally - 80%

Thrash_Till_Death, January 25th, 2003

Take a look at the song titles and the cd artwork. You have one guess as to what these guys are all about. Ok, offended? I hope not, as while the music is great, the whole over the top image & lyrics are more humorous than appalling. Though if you showed this to any uptight person who is afraid of metal...well they would have a multiple heart attack at this bloody, brutal and gory affair.

Regardless of the image & lyrics, this cd will destroy you. The musicianship is pretty tight and in a surprising change, the guitars are what i notice last. The drums on this cd are wicked, have a great sound and will blast beat you into submission. The bass on this Its not like Steve Harris noticably bass, but there is a ridiculous amount of low end on this and it will leave you shaking. The vocals are the next thing to tackle. The cool thing is, there is two guys singing here. One sings in a style thats similar to swedish metal,but still brutal, while the other is ultra low and barely understandable.

The cd opens with Necromaniac and this is an ok track, but not the best this has to offer. Open the Abcess murders its way into your stereo next and this song kills. Its got some cool hooks and has a wicked trade off on the vocals. Plus this song features a sample of a drill( i think) turning on, followed by a dripping/gushing sound. Song 4, limb from limb has one of my fave intros. It starts with a chainsaw reving up, followed by a long brutal scream. pppphhhrrrrrrrrrrrr...GGGGGUUUUUUURRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH. Fucking brutal, and i love it.

If you've read any of my other reviews, you will know I usually will go through the first few tracks on the cd, but make mention to others. So there won't be any change with this review! Overall this cd is pretty fucking brutal. There is some really awesome moments on here, even if gore death/grind isn't your mug of beer. The vocal trades offs are great in some songs and really make the songs unique. Oh yea, they also cover Sodom, doing Sodomy and Lust.

So basically, if your into brutal death/grind, you most likely already own this album. If you are a fan of those genres and you don't have this, get it. I would highly recommend this one before the bands next cd, Slaughtercult. If you are one who is new to the brutal death/grind genre, this is a good pick. If you like this, it will get you into a lot of other bands in the genre. And if you don't like this genre at all, this cd probably won't change your mind.

best songs imo: open the abscess, limb from limb, sepulchural slaughter & deadest of the dead ( did chris barnes come up with that title?)