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Powerful violence - 80%

Jonpo, June 11th, 2010

First things first lets just go ahead and make some people uncomfortable and/or disappointed: there's no metal to be found here. This is pure fucking California-bred powerviolence. For those who aren't sure, it sounds like incredibly violent grindcore with 99% of the metal influence removed. The vocals are sufficiently harsh and would probably work within the context of an extreme metal record. The rest of what is on display is far too punk oriented to be called anything else.

For such an abrasive and violent record the guitar really isn't all that harsh. It sounds like your standard 80s hardcore tone pushed even further over the top with distortion. The bass tone is a sound I could only describe as a sort of static burping. When the two combine forces to drill home a riff it sounds particularly violent and grinding. The songs here are short and sharp, with only two songs on the album reaching the two minute mark. The riffs are a blur of speedy power chord abuse and that's about it really. They came to smash your fucking head in and get out of town. Mission accomplished.

Martin Alvaro seems to hate his drum kit. I love the way he expresses his displeasure with it, though. A lot of punky skank beats going on as well as some savage-as-fuck blasting. There is a surprising amount of interplay between the drums and riffs for being such sparse music. They seem to have an innate sense of when to slow down just long enough to let tension build.

The vocals are made up of two different styles. One is a guttural death metalesque growl which is pretty standard and not all that engaging. The other, however, is one of the greatest rasps I've ever heard. It doesn't sound natural, but I strongly doubt these guys used any effects on the vocals. It sounds like he smoked about 17 blunts (laced with PCP, naturally) before recording each song. These raspy accents really help keep the vocals involved in the chaos instead of just riding along on top of the instruments.

With 21 songs in 29 minutes this little slab of decimation holds up incredibly well to repeated listens. There is nothing pretty here. This is nihilism of an entirely non-forest dwelling variety, and it has come to show you how fucked up and pathetic we all truly are.