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Way Too Generic - 22%

GuntherTheUndying, July 9th, 2007

I’ve been listening to melodic death metal since my ears first had a fixation for heavy music, and I think the genre is joyful in many areas. We have bands that progress from wherever they start and get better over time, but the Gothenburg universe also holds those who don’t do anything important all, simply because they think repetition and dull song writing will get them places. I recently got Enter Chaos’ “Dreamworker,” and was expecting some high-caliber melodic death considering this is a band with many experienced musicians, yet it still lacks anything that makes Gothenburg an enjoyable genre. Why? Well, because it represents everything that tarnishes the melodic death metal scene: terrible instrumentation, bad production, constant repetition, and no independent qualities at all.

Infecting Enter Chaos’ poor debut is the band’s tendency to play generic Gothenburg, meaning their songs are predictable and contain no substance whatsoever. Enter Chaos’ idea of a good song follows this pattern: start with a half-assed melodic riff, begin drumming, blastbeat section, solo, and repeat until end. I expect a full-blown slaughter of rapid tremolo picking, powerful melodic riffs, wonderful growls, and blazing solos when I think of good Gothenburg, but here’s the issue: Enter Chaos hardly does of any of these things right! Sure they tremolo pick and solo, but it all sounds so simple and generic; it’s seriously like they’re some piss-poor At The Gates cover band without any individualism at all. They might find this shit acceptable, but anyone who buys this will be wishing for their money back after experiencing this poop for themselves.

What’s worse than hearing this CD? How about trying to decipher this CD’s production that presents itself as a wall of noise with the band members killing their dignity in the background, that’s what! Yes, “Dreamworker” has one of the worst production jobs you’ll hear on a full-length album, and definitely one of the worst mastering jobs I’ve ever witnessed. The guitars seriously sound like a wave of random noise with fading volume, whilst the solos are way too loud and come off as chalkboard-scratching annoying. On the other side of the spectrum is the deafening (literally) percussion, the invisible bass, and the dirty voice effects. You can’t even tell the vocals were done by a female because the production sounds so muddy and rushed; it’s very aggravating and certainly a very annoying mistake that could have been easily avoided.

“Dreamworker” is quite the generic melodic death worship you’d find anywhere else, which is somewhat sad considering the band’s powerful origin. I thought Enter Chaos had potential, but there are far too many similarities with many other Gothenburg groups here; it’s quite amusing to notice all the generic characteristics they have, minus the originality factor. Avoid this junk and buy yourself something you’ll actually want to hear again.