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High Energy Crushing Thrash! - 92%

Insinneratorvokills, September 1st, 2011

I just dove into these guys for the first time tonight and I am so excited about it that I have to give them an awesome review! This is some pretty crushing old school deathrash! I seriously don't know where these guys have been all my life.

Let me start and say that my favorite part about these guys is the KILLER mid-tempos throughout the cd (the upbeat "kick-snare" drums/riffs). I just love the opening track, Back from the Dead. Whenever I acquire a new listen, I always start with the first track and imagine I am seeing them live and this track really represents what these guys are all about.

Another one of my favorite tracks on this killer record of headbanging madness is The Blades. I really love how the song goes from those killer speed riffs with the fast old school blasts to the mid-tempos and back to the fast speed riffs. I really love hearing that structure in thrash and it always gets me pumped up.

The only real downside to these dudes is that the riffs are for the most part pretty simple. I love me some tech, but that aside I DO think their simplistic mid-tempos are also what makes them so fun, which is also a reason why I gave them such a high score.

I would love to see these guys replicate this awesome cd live at a crusty house show party because I know they would just TEAR IT APART! If you want a really headbangable, fun, and old school deathrash listen, then most definitely check these gentlemen out. They're just really killer to headbang to and I hope to hear from them again.

Favorite tracks : Back from the Dead, The Blades, Energetic Krusher, Yukk.

Overlooked British brutality. - 80%

Seducerofsouls85, March 17th, 2011

When ever you think of classic British thrash, you'll think of Xentrix, Acid Reign, Sabbat, DAM and of course Onslaught. The British never got much credit for brutality and aggression in this era, and they never likely will. But turn up a few stones and there are the occassional gems, and Energetic Krusher's path to oblivion is definitely one of them.

By 1989 thrash bands worldwide were incorporating many different sounds into there music. Energetic Krusher have the perfect mix of death metal, oldschool thrash and anything that generally falls under hardcore. The riffs and solos are brilliant, pretty much equal (if not better) to their foreign counterparts. Brain Damage is played with that chugging speedy Slayer style, and has a scorching solo. Thrash ritual is you're usual thrash anthem, designed to flatten or evict any posers from the surrounding barrage of metal mayhem. Back from the dead, has such a traditional evil sounding quality to it, that only the British could pull off (I'm talking Venom and Onslaught.) and the vocals are great. In fact the vocals are good all around, very raspy and gutteral, however the singer tends to drag each line.

Downsides? There are easily a few. The blades is a completely unmemorable track. War path is a great song, but there are so many thrash songs that sound similar and have the same sentiments and so on. Yes it is brutal, but don't take it at face value. The trouble is these guys just were not established enough to take a battering, when thrash dipped in popularity. It's the same story with bands all over the world, who came in far too late in the game. I suppose this record is pretty obscure, but I wont say you HAVE to hear this. It's nothing spectacular or special. But thrash is thrash as they say, and these guys serve an ugly uncompromising portion, and ram it down your throat. These guys were never going to get MTV exposure like Xentrix, or gain a cult following like Sabbat. There was loads of good stuff on offer in the thrash scene. These guys wanted to make some noise themselves. And the results gain a surprising amount of respect from this listener.

Masterpiece of obscure thrash - 90%

Hitmen, June 6th, 2007

Energetic Krusher is an obscure British thrash band. Calling them obscure is somewhat of an understatement, as not much seems to be really known about them at all. But I do know one thing, they sure know how to thrash.

Path to Oblivoin is fast and heavy album, even for 1989. The vocals are a low growl, not too shy of old school death metal. The riffs are mostly thrash, but there is the occasional proto-death riff here and there. Most of the album is played extremely quickly, but with lots of the mid-paced headbanger riffs thrown in between to change up the tempo and make you thrash your brains out (mid-paced is a relative term here, even the slowest riffs are not particularly slow). While there is quite a lot of variety here in terms of songs and riffs, a lot of the album can blend together, especially on a first listen.

Listening to this album, one thing you will notice is that Energetic Krusher definitely knows how to write short songs. Three of the ten songs on the album clock in around two minutes or less, these are some of the best songs on the album, especially Thrash Ritual. Battle Cry is also executed superbly, with a ten second 'slow' part that will make you bang your head as if up from the dead. The longer numbers are chock full of riffs, with some songs being relentless, while others like Brain Damage are a bit slower on thee whole. Occasionaly we also get a badass solo. The solos are not technically amazing in any sense, but they suit the music perfectly and sound great. Kind of like the drums and bass on the album... they serve their purpose well, but are nothing spectacular. But most of the time you won't even notice the drums/bass, aside from the occasional break with just some bass, it's drowned out by awesome riffs.

Last but not least... the greatest thing about this album. The final track, the eponymous "Energetic Krusher". THIS is the best track on the album as far as I am concerned. "Energetic Krusher.... Energetic DEATH!" It's heavy, it thrashes, it's even catchy as all hell. If for no other reason, get this album for this song.

This album is wholeheartedly recommended to anyone that like thrash, old school death, or music that makes them headbang like crazy. Your chances of finding a physical copy these days are probably slim to none, but it's certainly worth a download if you ever see it floating around.