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Crude and vicious Emperor, right here. - 71%

Estigia666, March 16th, 2003

Emperor's first output comes out as the type of record Darkthrone would make. Nah, actually not, but the production comes out close as that of "Under a Funeral Moon", only a bit less artificial. This is raw as fuck, but you can tell is Emperor from the way the songs are composed.

And comes out well made, too. This mCD's version of "I'm the Black Wizard" is superior to that of "In the Nightside Eclipse", with the keyboards sounding eerier and more "distant". Ihsahn's vocals are so evil sounding, too. There are also some low points, like "Night of the Graveless Souls" which isn't as strong as the two songs before it.

Wow, this was a short review. Anyway, it would be worth the effort of getting this if you like Emperor's debut. IMO, the atmosphere here is much stronger, only inconvenience is that it comes out too short.