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One of the best concert videoes I have seen! - 90%

zatoth12, February 28th, 2005

(Review I wrote for 6/24/2004)

Unfortunate for me, I happened along Emperor when they decided to call it quits. So I got to miss seeing one of Norway's most infamous black metal bands play live (I keep hoping for Zyklon to come to the USA, but I guess that ain't happening soon). I did, however, find this release of a show at the London Astoria circa the Equilibrium tour.

First, the good stuff-the video has not just a really great concert on it, but a photo gallery, web links and other goodies (such as "Loss and Curse of Reverence" as the video) on it. The gallery plays like a slide show to the live soundtrack from the concert. The songs are introduced with subtitles that do not detract from the live footage.

Furthermore, these guys are great live-a lot of energy and excellent playing. Trym has to be the most laid back looking drummer I have ever laid eyes on, even more than Jon Kleiman (ex-Monster Magnet). Here's this pounding drumbeat that would have Baldy Ulrich's face contorted so that his receding hairline would be on his chin, yet Trym makes everything look effortless. The guitar work is fantastic, although the way Samoth just tears into his Jackson, you feel like telling him, "OKAY! You can stop! It's DEAD now!" Very ferocious, energetic show.

Now, the bad-first and foremost-it's too short. For a DVD, they could've at least added "Decrystallising Reason" and any other cut out tracks to it (I wrote this prior to learning of the technical difficulties they had with "Decrystallizing reason" and "Loss and Curse of Reverence" during the filming). Also, the camera work bothered the crap outta me. I know they like audience shots, but c' 24$ for this puppy, I want to see Samoth and Ihsahn, not some stoned-off-his-ass skinhead crowdsurfing. The speeded up bits during some of Trym's drumming did nothing for me and just looked retarded.

Aside from that, though, it was an excellent concert video. If you like black metal and don't have this, I strongly suggest getting it.