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Bow down to thy Emperors (and mosh!) - 93%

Funeral_Shadow, November 7th, 2004

This is the Emperors, and anything by Emperor is excelent (of course!) This wonderful DVD version I have showcases the great ones, performing all their great hits, from "Inno A Satanas" to the mighty "Ye Entranceperium" monster.

Everything is crisp clear, with great color production shots of the band (unlike other live videos/DVDs that don't have up-close shots of the members.) May I also add that in this DVD, the cameras get great shots of Samoth, which for most metal DVD's, for some strange reason, they don't give guitarists many camera shots. C'mon, isn't that what metal is mostly about, the almighty guitar?! So this DVD definitally get's great shots of all the members (even the keyboardist, who isn't apart of the band) and not to mention the crazy English fans that night. Speaking of crazy, the DVD also showcases how insane Emperor can be live. Just check out Trym's crazy drumming, he makes his work look like a piece of cake!

As I mentioned, the DVD showcases all the bands big hits, but what I personally don't like about the DVD is that the band plays a lot of their new stuff from "IX Equilibrium," which is an album from Emperor I least like. Also, another negative thing about the DVD is the lack of special features it has. It has a picture gallery, but it could've been better instead of showing the same pictures over and over again (I don't know if that was left intentional or a mistake by the producers.) There is a discorgraphy in the DVD, but it doesn't give as much info for each release as expected. Also, there are scren savers for the PC, but the screen savers aren't that great (actually, they're quite annoying when you download them into the PC, because they're very noisy.) If the special features were alittle better, the DVD would've gotten a perfect 100.

Overall, the DVD is excelent, with great live shots of the band and shows the band playing all their best stuff. Most of it is from their Equilibrium stuff, but they also play classics from Anthems and Nightsahde Eclipse (not to mention one classic from their Emperor EP, called "Night Of The Graveless Souls.") Everything on the DVD shows how brilliant Emperor really is, and this is highly recomended for those who never had the opportunity to catch Emperor live. That's the main reason I got this DVD, and I can actually say that I've seen the Emperors live... just from my room :-)

Eye Catchers: All of the live performances; nothing will bore you with their performances.