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wall of sound - 83%

ironasinmaiden, January 30th, 2003

* Note: I'm not gonna review this from a genre based standpoint.

Wall of sound is the best way to describe this, Emperor's 3rd album, and most acclaimed. Their sound consists of swirling guitar lines, synthesizers, and whatever Ihasn can get his norse hands on. This can get really confusing at times... it can sound like a mess, or a psychotic sympony. Sometimes I completely forget there is a badass guitar riff going on... pretty lame since that is almost ALL THE TIME.

"Ye Entranceperium" commences the festivities (after a really gay intro), and rages forth with apocalyptic abhorrence and rage [/pavement records catalogue]. Densely layerd keyboards/violins give the songs a chaotic feeling... a REAL symphony for the devil so to speak. With Strength I burn is my favorite track... builds up, drops down, and in the end peaks. Their drummer is fucking insane, laying down double bass almost the ENTIRE CD. He must play soccer or something

So if you can weather a little madness, Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk has it. My complaint is: those clean operatic vocals are really goofy and annoying. Plus you can barely hear them above the music.