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Emit is just messing around - 10%

metaldiscussor666, February 24th, 2013

When I listen to Emit, I like it when I feel that Emit is able to create interesting sounds and an mysterious and occult-ish horror type atmosphere. However, this demo doesn't present the same musical ideas as the other efforts. In this demo, all I hear is hissing and buzzing of guitars. Granted there are a couple tracks where there is a break from the dense noise and have some off key improvisational note strumming. It's no better than the noisy parts though. It's all very oppressing and unrelenting. It's practically not even music. I mean, I think I could sit down and strum some random cords, improvise and make some bad hiss; the thing is, I don't even play guitar or make music! Seriously, this is amateur and probably no effort was involved.

I think this demo isn't very creative, but I might see what Emit was going for. In my own perception, maybe Emit was just in a state of mind, and Emit wanted to capture his pure creative flow. However I doubt if even Emit would want to listen to it himself after making it. Anyways, after listening to this entire thing for the sake of my plain determination to get the word out, It's hard to derive anything out of it, and I'm left empty on the inside because of the music. There was nothing there to make me feel anything.

So there you go. If you're starting with Emit, maybe listen to this later if you're curious, because basically it sucks. It's something though. If there is nothing else here but improvisation and minimal effort, it is an effort; with a very awful outcome.