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Heavy as all fucking hell - 92%

Spawnhorde, July 5th, 2004

This is seriously heavy. The guitar tone is quite similar to Dopethrone but with slightly more treble, it seems, to make for that cool stoner-y sound. The drumming is slow, but has some great fills at times. The bass dirges on like there's no tommorow. There are some great riffs like on the title track at around 2:25 or so. The songs are all quite long and sludgy. The band itself sounds a bit closer to Buried at Sea (who also kick huge anus) now, with the more sludge/stoner sound rather than the droney sound employed on Throne. The weird thing is, even though these songs are all epic, gigantic, and long, the two guitarists (one is a chick!) figurte out a way to put some amazing riffs in that just crush everything in their path like a fucking landslide. This album totally makes your Electric Wizard album complete and is by no means anything less than awesome. This is one of the most headbangingly awesome albums I've heard, as well.

Now I'm sure you're all does it compare, in awesomeness, to Dopethrone. Well kids. I'd give Dopethrone about a 90 or so. So I think this is SLIGHTLY better but Dopethrone will always be the legendary album by the band for its brutal trademark. The vocals are cleaner, less distorted, and overall I like them much more. The vocals on DT were cool and all, but this fits the music better. Highlights? Oh god, just pick some fucking random track, they're all awesome. But one? Eko Eko Azarak. Happy? Now GO BUY/DOWNLOAD THIS!