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Short but Sweet. - 91%

Shaz, November 14th, 2003

Now, I've had this album for quite a while, but recently I just popped it in and really listened to it. I was surprised I hadn't realized this thing before. I will only review the first disc, because the second disc is but one song, that would be hard to review.

First, it's The Glass Prison. It's a great song to start off the cd except for the part where they use some turntable effect. It's not their best, but it does pwn a good amount. The solo rocks out loud, and there are some catchy-as-hell riffs.

Then, there's Blind Faith. This is probably tied for the best song on the cd. It's just great. Probably the best part in the song is when it starts to go into the chorus with the whole Mona Lisa thing. I just found that pwnage. The solo is probably my favorite solo on this whole album. This really is a song to show off James' talent as a vocalist as well.

Then, as for the best song on the album (with Blind Faith) Misunderstood. It starts off with a great acoustic intro. Then in the middle of it it goes right into the rockin' part. That was a great DT moment in my book. They really stretched out almost 3 minutes with the whole weird freaky solo part, though. All in all, m/.

The Great Debate. This was the first song on the album I actually heard to be honest. The only thing I don't like about it is the long news intro. There's not much to say about this song, it's just a standard DT song. Best part is the whole "Turn to the light" thing IMO.

And last, there's Disappear. A nice little soft thing, but nothing to get excited about at all. I've probably heard it 2 times, I don't care for it that much. So, I won't say anymore about it.

As I said, I will not review the second disc, for I do not feel like reviewing a 45 minute song. And I'm not gonna do each and every chapter, because I'm lazy. So, there ya go....

Final opinion: It's worth the 20-30 bucks you spend.