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The Book Of Heavy Metal Indeed - 85%

StoopidPreacher, April 24th, 2004

I dont know how I got hold of a copy of this album so far before its apparent release date, but I did.

Ive never been a huge fan of power metal...more of a black metal or thrash metal fan myself...but when this came into my hands and I stuck it into my CD player due to pure intrigue...."METAAAAAAAL" blared from the speakers and sounds reminiscent of Pre-Horror Show Iced Earth and Jag Panzer stuck in my mind.

Singing of Heavy Metal and the life the music makes in its first track "The Book Of Heavy Metal" is cheesy, but its the kind of cheesy that makes you smile and be damned thankful youre a heavy metal fan. the guitar solo, and expect alot of them throughout the album, is excellent on this track, much like the other tracks and it blares through the speakers in a fashion that you will either love or hate.

Songs such as said track and "Sledge Of Rock" are pure, unadulterated tributes to the heavy metal genre, Iron Maiden may have lay the walkway for these Swedish power metallers, but they are without a doubt set to light that walkway on fire with their sledges aflame.

If you like Power Metal, the odd Metal ballad and a full on guitar solo or 8 then this is for you, if you however are more keen on the screaming and riffing of Disgorge, Skinless or Pig Destroyer then stay well away. This CD opened my eyes up to Power Metal, I like it alot...I mean its no "In the Nightside Eclipse" but its not meant to be..this is meant to get your head banging, your pulse racing and your air guitar playing at high speed.....ROCK ON MOTHERFUCKERS!