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DAMN. - 90%

heavymetalvixen, August 6th, 2004

So, I finally sat down to listen to this entire album this evening, and this is what I've concluded:

Dragonlord are basically Testament with Dimmu Borgir-esque vocals. Over half of their members played in Testament at one time or another.

Eric doesn't really do any outstanding vocal work. Typical black metal vocals, but hey, at least they're done well.

The riffs are just fucking crazy. There's demonic shredding all over the place on this album. You can really see the thrash influence. The guitar-playing is always very hard and sharp, which helps keep the black metal edge in the songs. However, I did notice that during the beginning of 'Rapture', there's a ripped off Testament riff and that kind of put me off. Lucky for these guys that was at the end of the album. The bass isn't too impressive. But you can hear it and it adds that background heaviness so I have no qualms with it.

The drumming is just plain vicious. Dragonlord are one of the few bands that can do the bass-snare-bass-snare thing without boring me to death. When Jon does that it makes the songs sound even more lethal. He has a unique drumming style on this album; like black metal with a thrash twist (which is what the entire album is really).

Last, but not least, are all the symphonics. The keyboards give a really dark and almost medieval atmosphere to the music. Lyle does some fast fucking shit on the keys from time to time throughout the album and (as odd as it may sound) it almost makes the songs sound even more primal.

Now all we have to do is buckle down and wait for these guys to put out another album...

Best Tracks: Unholy Void, Spirits In the Mist, Wolfhunt, Tradition and Fire.