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Good for what it is - 81%

darkcreature, June 13th, 2007

I picked this album up at a record store for about $7; it was a very good deal for the price. I don’t think this the best album ever recorded, but I don’t think it sucks either. This release is good for what it is, symphonic thrash with a small amount of black metal. There is no getting around that this sounds like Dimmu Borgir, but in his defense he is just working with what he has, I personally would have suggested a different vocal style because that is what makes it sound the most like Dimmu Borgir. Based on previous reviews, people thought that the keyboards were overused in this album. If you are expecting black metal than you would agree, but to me it just sounds like the keyboard use is just a few notes in the very back of the mix. Other than the song ‘Unholyvoid’ and maybe ‘Spirits in the Mist’ but other than that the keyboard use is minimal, they use keys in much the same way as Emperor did. As far as the guitar playing goes it has the best of any symphonic metal album I have heard, unfortunately there are basically no solos we all know that Eric Peterson can play guitar really well, so he should show it, you almost never hear a solo in a symphonic metal album and a change would be nice. Basically as long as your not expecting a Transilvanian Hunger or you don’t think your too “tr00” for this it’s a good album. I would say this would be a good album to give to someone if you were trying to get them into black metal and not if you are way into the genre.